When you are looking for luxury charters in Malta, there are usually three options: bareboat, skippered, and Crewed Boats. A bareboat charter comes without any crew. A skippered charter is when you rent both the charter and the crew. A crewed charter is when you get a fully crewed yacht with a crewed charter. Boat hire companies in Malta offer a range of services, like Catamaran for Sale in Malta, Hiring a Rib in Malta, etc.

Bareboat charter

Axopar 37 Malta

A bareboat charter is the chartering method in which the owner gives possession of the ship to the charterer, and the charterer hires and masters the crew. A BareboatĀ Charter in Malta involves chartering a bareboat and supplying your own crew. In other words, a boat charter involves skippering the boat on your own. The boat is fully equipped with all the essentials, such as utensils, plates, cups, linen, towels, etc.

It provides you with complete control over your itinerary. It is an ideal choice for experienced sailors who want complete freedom. For those looking to explore a particular region or those who are willing to return to their favorite selling region, a bareboat charter in Malta can be a great choice.

A bareboat charter is ideal for destinations that provide a significant number of shelters in bad weather and have more favorable sailing conditions. You can choose a bareboat charter only if you are a licensed skipper. When you are chartering a yacht without a skipper, you need to provide all the necessary certificates, permits, and documents to prove that you can sail on your own.

Skippered Charter

A skippered yacht involves renting both the boat and the skipper. You get access to a fully equipped yacht, along with a skipper. The skippers are skilled and knowledgeable about the waters. They are chosen not only on the basis of their sailing expertise but also on local knowledge about your chosen sailing destination. When you include a skipper in your charter, you don’t need to stress about navigation and helming. It allows you to have a more relaxing experience. If you want to have a more comfortable journey with less worry about navigation, weather, and safety, a boat with a skipper is the ideal choice.